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Lynne Wilson

(925) 376-7940



Childcare Program Accountant

Remi Vranesh

(925) 377-4111

Moraga School District

1540 School Street

Moraga, CA 94556 


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 Opening October 1st

for Distance Learning Support



We are excited to announce the opening of our full day child care program with safety as our top priority, distance learning support, and flexible scheduling options ranging from a full day to morning or afternoon sessions. 

All staff and children wear masks at all times, wash their hands before entering the building, and practice social distancing.  Safety is our top priority.

Our child care staff is versed in Zoom, Clever, Seesaw, and Google classroom.  As part of the Moraga School District, we have direct access to and support from our teachers and technology staff.

We’ve expanded scheduling options.  Schedule options include morning, afternoon, and full day. 

In the afternoon, we support additional Distance Learning classes, offer arts and crafts, outdoor play, and games all in a safe environment.

The expanded choices are below and are based on a $7 an hour rate.  There may be flexibility in hours to accommodate your family needs, so please inquire with a director.


Monthly Rates  - Effective October 1st

  1. Full Day 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

    1. 5 days per week $1,120 

    2. 3 days per week $672 M/W/F 

    3. 2 days per week $448 T/TH 

  2. Morning 8:00 AM - 12:30 PM

    1. 5 days per week $630 

    2. 3 days per week $378 M/W/F

    3. 2 days per week $283.50 T/TH

  3. Afternoon 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

    1. 5 days per week $560 

    2. 3 days per week $336 M/W/F

    3. 2 days per week $252 T/TH

We look forward to seeing you. 


For more information, please contact ,

Lynne Wilson 


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