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Plant Wish List

California natives

Manzanita (1 gallon)

Ceanothus (1 gallon or 4”)

Large ceanothus (such as ‘Ray Hartman’ – 5 gal)

Muhlenbergia rigens (1 gallon or 4”)

Salvia clevelandii (1 gallon)

Garrya elliptica (1 gallon)

California poppy (6-pack)

Clarkia (4”)

California grape (Victoria can donate)

Mimulus (4”)

Nemophila menzesii (4”)

Zauschneria californica (1 gallon or 4”)


Edible and sensory plants

Rosemary (1 gallon or 4”)

Lavender (1 gallon or 4”)

Salvia argentea (4”)

Other salvias (1 gallon or 4”)

Pole peas (6 pack)

Lettuce (6-pack)

Calendula (6-pack)

Pansies/violas (6-pack)

(Can add nasturtiums and basil in spring)


Seasonal vegetable bed

Fall-Winter – lettuce, spinach, chard, peas, cabbage, broccoli, brussels sprouts

Spring- summer – beans, tomatoes, sunflowers

I’d love to find a place to plant asparagus, blackberries and raspberries as well.


Butterflies and birds

Buddleya (1 gallon)

Cosmos (6-pack)

Penstemon (1 gallon or 4”)

Salvia uliginosa (1 gallon)

Achillea (1 gallon or 4”)

Echinacea (1 gallon or 4”)

Rudbeckia (1 gallon or 4”)

Gaillardia (4”)

Heuchera (4”)

Phygelius (1 gallon or 4”)

Alcea (Hollyhocks – three 4”)

Hops (Victoria can donate)

Trumpet honeysuckle (1 gallon)


Frost tender – plant in spring

Lantana (1 gallon or 4”)

Salvia guaranitica (4” or 1 gallon)


Colonial beds

Indian corn seed

Pumpkin seed

Scarlet runner bean seed

Cover crop seed (vetch, clover or fava bean)



Several fruit trees for the garden perimeter