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Safe School Ambassadors

The Safe School Ambassadors program started at Camino Pablo in the Spring of 2012. Since that time over 100 students have been trainined as Ambassadors. Under the guidance of our site coordinator ( Scott Barnett) and various staff volunteers  who meet with "family groups" on a regular basis, the Safe School Ambassador Program is becoming an integral part of the Camino Pablo culture.

At Camino Pablo we have incorporated the Safe School Ambassadors language and skills in our "Standing Up For Others" quadrant. (This "Standing Up for Others" quadrant blends nicely with our 5 steps of :Standing Up for Ourselves.") This quadrant shows that in each case of injustice we all play a role.

- Agressor: The person who inflicts the injustice. This may be a putdown, a form of exclusion, namecalling, etc.

- Target: The person that the injustice is directed toward.

- Bystander: Those who stand by and allow the injustice to occur without intervening. Sadly, this is the part of the quadrant where most of us find ourselves. Either we are too shocked or feel powerless to stand up and make a difference.

- Upstander: The person/people who stand up for the target. Ambassadors are trained on demonstrating the 4 Upstander strategies.  In addition, all students are exposed to the same Upstander strategies.  They are: Balancing, Supporting, Reasoning, Directing, Getting Help.

To read more about this program, click on the link below:


Safe School Ambassadors Website