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Fifth Grade

Requested School Supplies for Camino pablo School Fifth Grade Students

We are fortunate to be able to provide all Camino Pablo students with the basic school supplies needed for a rich educational experience.  However, we ask that parents support our efforts by donating some items.

  • 1 ½” binder with a pocket on the inside of the front cover
  • 1 packet of 8 binder dividers
  • 4 colored pens, such as red or blue.  Flairs work great or ball point pens
  • backpack
  • 1 pencil pouch, with 3 holes, that fits in a binder.  (We do not want pencil boxes due to storage concerns.)
  • 1 package of 12 pencils
  • 2 colored highlighters (any color)
  • 1 package of  Expo (low odor) black dry erase markers
  • 3 glue sticks
  • 1 package of Crayola 12 Colored Pencils
  • 2 packets of wide rule binder paper
  • packages of post-it notes- 3"x 3" and 1 3/8" by 1 7/8"
  • 1-single subject wide-ruled spiral notebooks (70-100 pages)
  • 1 pair scissors
  • 1 box tissues
Major 5th Grade Events

Walk Through the American Revolution

This year each fifth grade class will participate in an exciting, interactive presentation about the American Revolution made possible by a mini-grant from MEF.

Because this is an interactive and entertaining overview of the American Revolution, parents are encouraged to attend.

Walk Across the American Revolution requires students to memorize specific information and share it during the presentation. Please work with your child to understand, memorize, and practice performing the character and vocabulary cards they receive.

Additionally, each student is required to dress up as his or her assigned character. We will have a few props to help with this, but students need to assemble a costume to wear.


Science Camp

Exploring New Horizons, Camp Loma Mar

"Science camp was my favorite part of fifth grade.  We went on hikes, were able to walk barefoot in the forest, have fun with our friends in our cabins, and we even got to make our own skits.  Science camp taught me a lot about nature and having fun.  Science camp was awesome!" - Sarah  2005

Each day we would do something different.

One day we hiked in a redwood forest.

"We went to science camp, at Camp Loma Mar.  It was an amazing experience.  We saw a 2000 - year - old tree, played by a river, had campfires and did many fun games." - Ben

Another day, we went to the beach.

"Fifth grade is so fun because you get to go to Science Camp.  Science Camp is so fun.  You get to go on tons of hikes.  The food is great and the counselors are so nice." - Joe

On the third day, we went hiking in an oak tree forest.

"I really liked going on the overnight because we went for four nights and five days.  Last year (4th grade) we only went for one night and two days, so this year was much better.  At camp I loved the food.  I also loved the hikes.  My favorite one was the oak hike.  It was awesome!" - Jaime

We hung out with great people and had a great time!

"Fifth grade made me very happy.  Especially science camp.  Science camp is SUPER FUN!!!!!!" - Grayson