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Homework Guidelines


In providing homework assignments, we have three goals:

  • to reinforce our curriculum
  • to teach students responsibility
  • to communicate with families about our classroom program

Homework Packets

Homework packets will be sent home weekly in the Friday Folders. The homework will be due the following Thursday. Parents and students are free to manage each assignment according to their own family schedule. Each packet contains enough activities to be spread out over the course of a week. It is in your child's best interest that the homework packet be worked on throughout the week rather than to be done in one or two days. Many activities require some parental involvement such as reading directions, stories or recording information.

Pages at varying levels are given in the packet so that the needs of all students can be met. Students are not given lower grades if homework challenge/optional pages are not completed. 

Typically, each homework packet will contain: 

  • Spelling List: Weekly spelling list with activities for word practice.
  • Phonics: Phonics practice
  • Math: Math practice and/or game to reinforce math skills learned in class.
  • Reading Log: Please make sure your child reads daily for a minimum of 15 minutes.


Home Reading

Students should practice reading nightly as part their weekly homework. Students may read to an adult, the adults may read to the students, or the students may read on their own. However, when the only option exercised is the adult reading to the student, the student is unable to practice his/her reading skills. I also highly recommend that chapter books used as read alouds are grade/age appropriate (i.e. Magic Tree House, Frog and Toad) and not Harry Potter type novels.

Corrected Work

Every Friday, corrected work is sent home in the Friday Folders. Please quickly go over (with your child) papers that might have given your child some difficulty.  Papers do not need to be returned to class unless noted on the paper.