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Kindergarten Facts

When does school start?

Check the calendar on the web site. This will show when school starts as well as holidays and minimum days.

What does my Kindergartener need on his/her first day of school?

All Kindergarteners need a labeled backpack and a snack. They do not need stationary, and please no toys. Also, no rolling backpacks as the children trip on them. Please label all backpacks and clothing.

What should I include in the snack?

A half sandwich, or crackers, or granola bar etc., a juice and a fruit. Please no soda, cookies, or candy. Practice opening snacks at home. Lunchables are not snacks.

May I call the teacher during school hours?

The teacher's phone rings straight into the classroom, so please call the office at 376-4435 during class hours.

How do I volunteer in my child's classroom?

Teachers have slightly different ways of handling this, and some like more parent involvement in the class than others. All teachers need help with the class parties and one can sign up to help with this on Back to School Night. Some teachers also encourage parents to read to the class. The highest level of involvement is volunteering to be a Head Room Parent.

What does a Head Room Parent do?

A Head Room Parent's main responsibility is to serve as a primary contact for the teacher and to organize Assistant Room Parents and other classroom parents to plan and conduct special classroom activities and/or parties. Assistant Room Parents are often asked by the Head Room Parents to head parties. For more information on the parties, click on "parties" on the Kindergarten page.

What is Back to School Night?

This is a parents only night. It is a chance for the teachers to tell you about the Kindergarten Curriculum, and you will be able to sign up for volunteering in the class. You will also receive a booklet recapping what the teacher wants you to know about their class, and will also inform you when your child is Student of the Week (learn more about this by clicking on "Student of the Week" on the Kindergarten page.

What is the life skills program?

This school wide program emphasizes a different life skill every month. The life skill of the month is always discussed in CP notes. When the child displays this life skill, they receive a blue slip.

What are blue slips?

Students displaying an important life skill earn blue slips. These are randomly drawn every Friday, and older grade children announce students over the intercom. The winners go to the office to collect a pencil.