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Kindergarten Parties

party hatKindergarten school parties typically feature various activities that kindergarteners enjoy. We try to keep the parties simple and within the budget so that one class does not eclipse other classes whose children may then feel cheated by a less elaborate party. Families are asked to donate $10 per student to cover the cost of room parties. While it is tempting to donate extras and "goodie bags", the children really enjoy simple games and activities.

Parties typically involve 4 or five stations. Each station features a craft, game or activity. The children change stations approximately every 15 minutes. The party usually ends with a snack and a drink, and the party lasts for about 1 hour.

Kindergarten parties usually include a Winter Party, Valentines Party, and End of Year Party. Halloween snack, Gingerbread Houses and Pajama party are other special classroom activities that your Kindergartner may look forward to. All Parents are invited to attend the school-wide Halloween Parade. All parents may also attend the End of Year party that is usually held out on the sports field.