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Kindergarten Student of the Week

Celebrating Me!

Student of the Week is a school-wide program. The Student of the Week theme for Kindergarten is "my favorite things." This topic can include: things I like to do, my family, pets, favorite books, favorite places, favorite food, etc.

Take time to enjoy a conversation with your child about his/her favorite things. You will receive a "Celebrating Me" handout to guide your conversation. Fill out the handout and bring it with your poster to the classroom on the Student of the Week date. Students can find their "Student of the Week" date in their Back to School packet you received on Back to School Night. The poster is created by students and parents and is pictorial, representing the child's favorite things. Posters may have photos, magazine cutouts or drawn pictures. The poster should have the child's name along the top or bottom, and can be decorated with markers etc. Students will be sharing the poster during their Student of the Week time.

Students need to bring a 5X7 photo of them. This will be displayed alongside other Students of the Week on the board in the hallway next to the office, and will be returned to you.

Parents are invited (no siblings please!) to be with their child for the Student of the Week presentation. At this time the child will present his/her poster to the class. Parents may also be asked to read their child's favorite book.

Your teacher will send home a packet with instructions on what you will need and remind you that it is your child's Student of the Week time. This will usually happen the week before, so it is handy to know their date in advance.