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"Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners."

- Laurence Sterne

Class Rules

 The Golden Three...                 

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These three basic rules are chosen to be clear and achievable.  The goal is for each child to learn to intrinsically monitor their own behavior, and to learn to be "upstanders" if they witness bad behavior.  


Be Safe:  

If a student has unsafe behavior, s/he will either be given a warning, the activity will be limited (teacher next to student, play on blacktop only, etc.), or the student will be removed from the activity (being dangerous with scissors, etc.).  If the behavior repeats when the student is given responsibility again, the consequence is quicker, and a parent conference may be requested. In cases of physical confrontation with another student, s/he may be sent to the office.

Be Kind: 

Mean or sarcastic language is not tolerated in Room A.  We practice using "I" statements to express our feelings, and an apology process that fosters understanding another person's point of view.  We offer an apology, and accept it or not depending upon whether the air has been cleared or whether more discussion is needed (adult supervised, of course!).  When apologies are accepted we always say, "I accept your apology." and NEVER "That's O.K.," because the bad behavior is never O.K., even when it's over!

Do Your Best:   

Our best varies from day to day, and I do look for motivation behind bad choices in case something is going on that I am not aware of.  “Writing” an apology letter (tracing a pre-written letter based on the Lifeskills program) or bringing home a "Green Slip" may be part of the child’s consequence to practice taking responsibility for behavior choices.  If your child brings home a letter, it is his/her job to show it to you and explain what happened.  After discussion, parents sign the note and the child brings it back to school and shows it to me so I can praise their efforts and so they have emotional closure.