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In Transitional Kindergarten, teachers help children develop social skills through activities that build confidence and communication.  They also expose children to reading, writing, math, science, and social studies in small and large groups as well as allowing opportunities for independent exploration. 



TK is a place where children engage in meaningful social interactions with peers, and learn how to emotionally regulate themselves in the many different encounters they will have in a school setting. Exploration Time/Choice Time is an opportunity where children are encouraged to explore their individual interests in the classroom, share, cooperate, and problem solve-independently, and with their peers.


Language Arts

The children will learn about upper and lowercase letters and proper formation through the Learning Without Tears (LWT) curriculum. Students begin by exploring their names and familiar words. They start to talk about the sounds/phonics we hear within words. When students are ready, they naturally start to experiment with writing words or lines that represent words that have meaning to them in their world. Children are encouraged to write based on their letter sound knowledge which is the first stage in spelling. The teachers introduce the main routines and concepts of Lucy Calkins’ Writing program (turn and talk, journals, 3 finger stories).


Students explore reading in many ways. To develop a love of all genres of reading, we have meaningful conversations about the texts we read in order to better comprehend literature. We read picture books (fiction & non-fiction), poetry, songs, multiple versions of one story, & book series.

Key Focuses

-Letter Recognition

-Letter Sounds

-Handwriting and Letter Positioning

-Written Language


-Story Comprehension

-Story Sequencing

-Music, Song, and Poetry

-Listening Skills



The children will learn mathematical concepts and proper number formation through the Learning Without Tears (LWT) curriculum and supplemental activities. 


Key Focuses




-Sorting and Attributes



-Oral Counting (0-20)

-Number Identification (0-12)

-Number Formation (0-10)

-One-to-One Correspondence




Key Focuses

-The Five Senses

-The Seasons

-Life cycles



Social Studies

Key Focuses



-Rules and Citizenship